In addition to the line of products that you can see in "Products", Automatica has had several special projects that were successfully executed. See here the ones that can be mentioned to demonstrate our ability to design and execute the most different types of solutions. They are:


Modernization and automation of a Pot Grate oven (Vale);
Automatic Physical Testing Station for NIBRASCO (Valley);
Speed controller for city buses SpeedBras;
Speed controller for interurban bus SpeedSat;
Automation of metallurgical laboratory furnaces of Vale;
Cell phones programmers of BrightStar;
CNC cutting machine for ship models-AutoShip;
Water jet CNC cutting machines;
Machines for LASER cutting;
Automatic machine for finishing of insulators mica in motors;
Consumption meter for locomotives;
Development of a robotic equipment for tests (Samarco).