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The Automatica works integrated with the needs of my company and committed to solutions in quality cuts. Proof of this was the need to eliminate lost time on the setup of the machine that was solved with the new DuoCorte 3060. With her, we had a real gain of 40% productivity. Before, time was lost in the preparation of material for cutting. Now, while a metal sheet  is being cut on the table A, table B is free for unloading of finished parts and for the preparation of a new sheet metal to be worked. After finishing the cuts on the table, it's just position the machine to cut at the other table. Thus, the table becomes free again to complete the cycle of work without wasting time in retreat and placement of material. The DuoCorte is virtually two machines in one. " José Geraldo Del Puppo-OffShore Ridge-ES



To offer to customers a quality product, made with a lot of technology and accuracy is a big difference in a market even more competitive every day. Automatica customized my outfit with my colors and installed it in front of my company as if it were a showcase. We could improve the perception of customers and add even more value to my product. With this I kept my clients, attract new ones and highlighted on the market, significantly increasing my sales” Junio – SEMEPI – MG



With the implementation of the Automatica equipment I managed to reduce the waste of materials, time to manufacture parts and the amount of people involved in the process. With this, I can offer my clients a product even better at a price more attractive. "... "For us the main differential of Automatica was for being a 100% national manufacturer. The AutoCorte ® is a simple and easy machine to maintain. It cuts up to 2 inches in stainless steel with plasma HT2000. " Paulo Namura-Pronfinox-SP

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