Optical Card Reader - LC3000

Optical Card Reader LC3000



The optical card Reader LC3000 is a peripheral device that can be used on any computer with RS232C serial interface or USB *port. The data to be collected are marked by the user himself, in specially designed cards for each application, using black or blue pen. The basic LC3000 program allows the user to get the image of the card  with marked positions, as a sequence of characters in the serial interface. The LC3000 has a wide range of applications, being able to read up to 2500 cards per hour, with manual feed.

The main applications of LC3000 are in the areas of schools, bars, cafeterias and restaurants, pre-entry examination courses and colleges, research organs of public opinion, number lotteries, etc. Specially designed cards can make the processing and dissemination of opinion survey results fast and efficient with the use of the optical card reader LC3000.


The following programs form the distributed software package with the reader:

- Program for testing the equipment;

- Program for configuration of cards;

- Program for reading the cards and generation of text file with the data;

- Dynamic library (DLL) for the user to make their own applications.


Watch the video of the LC3000 in operation: