AutoCorte 1500 Series



AutoCorte - 001


Made entirely with Automatica's technology, our CNC cutting machine cuts precisely carbon steel plates, stainless steel and aluminium.

Its great advantage is to be PC-Controlled, combining the quality of conventional CNC and lower cost. It features a user-friendly and practical interface, which automatically converts CAD files into G code, without requiring any kind of programming skill.

Uses fast and low-cost Plasma torches, extremely efficient for cutting of plates up to 30 mm thick. In the case of thicker plates, you can opt for the Oxyfuel kit, which is installed according to your needs. The 1500 series has an excellent cost/benefit ratio, and may cut up to pieces 1500x6000mm. The models has 1500 mm wide fixed shelf and lengths according to the table below:

Model (NET cut area):

AutoCorte 1522 (1500 x 2200) mm

AutoCorte 1530 (1500 x 3000) mm

AutoCorte 1539 (1500 x 3900) mm

AutoCorte 1560 (1500 x 6000) mm


Watch Autocorte in operation.