Founded in 1986 with the name of Automatica Engineering, the company was born to meet the demand of VALE to modernize and automate a pot  grate oven. After this great design for its time, one equipment was born that would be our main product: The CCS- Cold compression strength machine.

With the success of this automatic press for Pellet compression, Automatica began to  provide globally for all other pellet plants, and began the process of export of equipment. Various industrial automation projects were carried out, using what was most advanced for each time. Among them we can mention the deployment of physical tests station for the plant of the NIBRASCO and the automation of metallurgical laboratory furnaces of Vale.  With growth, Automatically became a S/A company and its name was changed to Automatica Tecnologia S/A. Products were being created from requests until on its own initiative, Automatica began producing equipment that could improve the day to day of the enterprises, seeking practical and innovative solutions  as, for example, the solution to the reading of vestibular response cards, the optical card reader LC3000 ,mutimidia kiosks for information in shopping malls and electronic manuals for maintenance as the MULTIFIAT.

In 2001, Automatica started the manufacture of CNC cutting machines for plasma and oxyfuel. At this time, there were few national manufacturers and equipment costs were exorbitant. With innovative solutions, Automatica broke paradigms with regard to until then manufactured cutting equipment and created from scratch the AutoCorte model, a simple user-friendly and low operating costs machine, starting sales in 2003.

In 2005, the Automatica was TopFive advertiser in NEI magazine, being the first name best remembered, standing at the top of the list.

With the increasing competition in the sector of cutting machines manufacture, we built a high-productivity machine, capable of doubling the utilization factor in comparison with similar equipment. The solution found was the new DuoCorte.