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The AutoSurf is a CNC machine for shaping of surfboards and stand-up boards, developed with the purpose to offer to the manufacturer of boards a product of high quality, precision, repeatability and at an affordable cost in both acquisition and operation.

It is a CNC machine of three axes (X, Y, Z) for shaping  and pre-formatting of surfboards and stand-up paddle boards, leaving them ready to be submitted to the finish process. The shaping is done on a blank, which is a soft foam block with wooden plywood in the central part.

The function of this machine is to shape in blanks hydrodynamic profiles such as: concave, double concave, wing, edge, etc. This is done by respecting few input variables such as: length, width, Outline, Slices and Rocker.



It also has additional function for measuring the dimensions of the blank and to export them to the Shape3D, using a measuring tip and a program specially developed for this purpose.This program also allows the correct positioning of the blank to be cut on the machine.

The video below shows the steps for measuring a blank of a stand-up paddle board:



The average time for cutting a surfboard is about 20 minutes and may increase or decrease proportional to the number of steps specified for cutting the board.

Cutting a stand-up paddle board can be seen in the video below:


Another available accessory is a dust aspirator head that allows a cleaner cut, as shown in the video below for cutting a surfboard.



3D Software for design of boards Shape3D (1 license): 3D drawing Interface for surfboard design in Windows environment.  It allows the addition of slices and the generation of any hydrodynamic profiles. Shape3D also allows insertion in hydrodynamic profile of concave, double concave, wing, edge, etc. It does not fish tail.

Additional licenses of the Shape3D software may be acquired from AUTOMATICA.

Accuracy and repeatability: precision cutting tool positioning is +/-0.1 mm, with precision and repeatability of +/-0.1 mm.

Speed and productivity: the maximum speed of up to 12000 mm/min, associated to the AutoSurf robustness, allow you to achieve high productivity. The boards produced should be subjected to the process to finish.

Machining with little operator intervention and low dust emission: In machining process, the intervention of the operator is only required for the positioning of the blank with assistance from the program, fine adjustment for cutting, blank rotate and position the blank to machine the other side.

Funding: the AutoSurf is registered at FINAME and can receive financing from banks that operate the FINAME/BNDES, or PROGER – Caixa Econômica and Banco do Brazil. Funding is very attractive because it allows payment in 60 months with a grace period of up to 1 year, with an entry of only 20% and fixed monthly instalments.

Single supplier: the AutoSurf was entirely produced with Automatica´s own technology. The direct benefit is that there is only one supplier responsible for customer service. We have full control of the maintenance quality once the client has full support of the product in a single company.

Program that measures blanks and exports the measurements to the Shape3D program. It also helps the user in the correct placement of blanks to be cut.

Drive electronics with 1 year warranty: developed by Automatica with next-generation technology using servomotors, allowing the provision of a unique solution to the client. The client has greater availability of equipment by the simplicity and ease of exchange, in case of defect.

Installation: it is fast and efficient, enabling immediate availability of equipment at the plant.


Visit Shape3D site at 


Step 1: draw the main curves of your Board:OUTLINE, ROCKER, and SLICES















Step 2: Display the softness of the board lines with the 3D view tool.







Step 3: View the board in a grid of lines.





Step 4: Render the board in a solid figure, using the light effect of the program.




Step 5: Trace the cutting path of the board, with simple mouse click.



Step 6: Finally send the cutting path of the board to the AutoSurf machine to perform the cutting.

Technical Specifications - AutoSurf


Structure: Carbon steel profile of square section on dark gray color with lateral cover in yellow color;


X-axis: Rectified for longitudinal movement driven by servomotor and double belt drive;

Y-axis: Pre-loaded with zero clearance to cross movement, driven by servo motor and recirculating ball screws;

Z-axis: Rectified for vertical movement, driven by servo motor and recirculating ball screws;

Cabinet: Interface and power supply to the servomotors, optical interface and power supplies;

Commands interface from the computer via Ethernet port;

Working dimensions:

X = 4430mm

Y = 1000 mm

Z = 610 mm

Maximum size of boards:

length = 14 ' (4267, 2 mm)

width = 35 "(889 mm)

Deck Nose Rocker = 1 ' (304.8 mm)

Fast positioning speed: up to 15,000 mm/min

Working speed: Programmable up to 12,000 mm/min


Software for measuring blanks and export its dimensions to the Shape3D.

CNC machine control by importing G-code files;

Shape3D license



Processor: i3 1.2 Ghz or higher processor;

1024 MB (Mega bytes) RAM;


LCD Monitor;  CD ROM;

Optical Mouse;

Windows operating system. (XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8)